Rae & Eve

Rae & Eve bring quality film and visual content to brands through the finest visionary talent and creative thinkers, whose experience includes working with high-profile brands like DFS, BAFTA, Audi and tombola.

The Challenge

As long-term collaborators of Über, the founders of Rae & Eve came to us to create a standout brand for their new venture. Using their long history of TV commercial production at the highest level they wanted to create something new in the sector. Blurring the lines between on and offline content and applying the same high-end production values used in their TV commercials to online video.

The brief was simple from the client: Create a contemporary brand that represents all treatments, all budgets and all creative approaches. Something that has prestige in its quality but is also inclusive, open and fun.

The Solution

The result was treating the two names as two sides of the same coin. Dark and light, calm and hectic, Jekyll and Hyde. A brand that can adapt to the needs of the client, the job and the budget. In one name fire, in the other blossom. As the brand progresses this balance of opposites can be developed into an energetic brand of compatible contrasts.

The identity is unique and perfectly symmetrical with two sets of three-letter words forming a cohesive block, with an ampersand linking the two in an elaborate yet playful manner. The brand language had to communicate Rae & Eve as a creative and visionary film production agency. Hexagonal shapes represent the pleasing aesthetic qualities of the out of focus parts of an image produced by a camera lens or ‘bokeh’ and lens flare.

The shapes allow the brand to appear contemporary, adding visual interest, structure and balance to the design system. These feelings are backed up by a complementary colour palette, carefully selected typography and considered layout.