European Lung Foundation

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) is an international organisation that brings together physicians and healthcare professionals across 140 countries to help promote lung health and drive standards for respiratory medicine globally. 

The European Lung Foundation (ELF) was founded to act as the public voice of the ERS by providing a wealth of resources to share the latest developments in lung health research.


For the second successive year, we were asked to work on The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign spearheaded by the ERS/ELF. Its aim was to raise awareness about lung disease with a focus on prevention and public education. Being a charity, budget had to carefully considered throughout. To coincide with the 2015 ERS International Congress in Amsterdam, the overarching message was to encourage people to ‘Take the Active Option’. In addition to producing a video and outdoor media once again, we were also tasked to create ambient media.


The ‘Take the Active Option’ saw us once more ulitise positive and energetic colours, this time on t-shirts that supported a range of simple activities that a broad section of society could partake in: walking, running, cycling and taking the stairs instead of a lift. 

Our uplifting video featured people demonstrating these activities whilst wearing t-shirts with animated type that acted as testimonials to their preferred ways of staying active. We also developed some guerilla ideas that included pavement vinyls, bicycle tags and saddle covers. The creative featured in prominent poster and digital sites throughout Amsterdam’s public transport network and at the city’s Schipol Airport.


24,000 attended the congress
5,000 bike seat covers placed
4,000 t-shirts distributed
3,000 pedometers handed out
1,100 public lung function tests during the campaign