Christmas comes but once a year. Which is just as bloody well, because we put a heck of a lot of time and effort into creating our Über Christmas card. Here’s a tasty selection of our festive faves…

Vote Santa

Jeez. 2016 was a tough ‘un. It seemed that not a week could go by without a much-loved celeb snuffing it. Bowie. Prince. Ali. R2D2. If that wasn’t bad enough, a seismic shift in the political landscape ushered in by a big red bus plastered with false promises and a big orange president with a false hair piece. As we limped towards Christmas, it felt that we had nothing left to believe in…

That was until the North Pole government chose Über to work with Santa on his election campaign to give people something actually worth voting for! We worked on all campaign messages in the run up to Christmas Day, when North Poling stations open. The ‘Ho Ho Hope for 2017’ campaign included our management of all Santa’s social media channels (due to his hectic schedule) and creation of the website, where online users were able to vote as many times as they like, which is entirely legal under North Pole electoral laws.

A Merry Christmas to Ü

Move it a tiny bit. Then take a picture. Move it a tiny bit. Then take a picture.Move it a tiny bit. Then take a picture. Move it a tiny bit. Then take a picture. Ideally before you’ve cracked opened the cherry liqueurs.

The Best Christmas Ever?

Nowadays, you often hear people say that Christmas has lost its meaning. We say: baubles to that! With a little guidance from Über, it’ll be the best Christmas EVER. Just plot your way through the festive period by using our amazing - and in no way overly-complex - flow chart.

The Truth about Christmas

We conducted an exhaustive scientific study to uncover the real facts, stats and figures about a typical Christmas. Okay, maybe we didn’t, but we did make a pretty cool infographics wall chart.