A View of Sheffield

Posted on Wednesday 9th November, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

After months of work, we’re especially excited to have launched the final stage of our A View of Sheffield project! In collaboration with Sheffield Design Week, A View of Sheffield was designed to represent the city as a whole, taking the opinions of those who know it best before asking a range of designers to interpret these quotes as works of art. We had a great response, with the likes of Jon McClure involved in sharing views, and a number of the city’s most respected creatives submitting their work. Truly sharing Sheffield’s diverse design abilities, artwork was produced in Sheffield steel, interactive prints, photography, 3D model kits and even typography through butchers’ twine (that was our own piece, a real fiddly job!).

All work was exhibited at S1 Artspace during Sheffield Design Week, with artists and those who shared their views invited to see how opinions were interpreted. The pieces created have now been added to A View of Sheffield online, with work alongside their original quotes. A number of creatives involved have kindly donated their pieces for auction, with all proceeds going to S1 Artspace.

It’s been a great few months seeing A View of Sheffield take shape and we’ve been hugely impressed with the interpretations from designers across the city. Here’s to Sheffield design!

To find out more about the project and view the work created visit aviewofsheffield.co.uk.