Posted on Tuesday 12th December, 2017

Author: Lydia Abraham

After filming back in the summer, we’re excited to finally launch our latest campaign for tombola, with a new 30 second brand ad now on air.

We’ve developed our same successful creative theme further this year, with the original concept still showing great results. Sharing tombola’s community values, we invited 30 players and chat moderators along to star in the ads, involving them in a fun 3 days of filming across the Lake District, Newcastle and Manchester. 

Previously we’ve organised activities such as bake offs and bowling, but this year we went bigger and better. Go-karting, lakeside fishing and a glamorous ballroom dance all featured in the schedule, with plenty of time for players to meet other tombola users and play their favourite games.

As well as extra exciting activities, we also made this our first year to utilise audio, recording players during their time in the various scenarios. We’ll be featuring this across the suite of ads we’ve created.

We’ve been working on this campaign alongside the idents we created as part of tombola’s sponsorship of I’m A Celeb – it’s been a busy few weeks, but we’re really pleased with how both turned out. The first 30 second brand ad is on air now, with the rest of the campaign rolling out throughout December and next year.