Booze Hound

Posted on Friday 26th September, 2014

Author: Alice Roughton

Budweiser’s latest ad will not only convince you to never drink drive, but also leave you clutching your pup/guinea pig/budgie/space monkeys as you weep promising you’ll never leave their side ever again. 

“Friends Are Waiting”, which features the same dog breed as the brand’s beloved Super Bowl commercial, follows the story of Luke and his adorable lab puppy Cooper.

One evening, Luke heads out with his friends for a couple of beers promising he’ll be back soon. Hours pass with Cooper pacing and staring longingly out of the window for his owner, and like a worried mother we are lead to believe that the worst has happened – DRINK DRIVE? LUKE HOW COULD YOU?! 

Cue the emotions as Budweiser reminds us that it’s not just your human friends who suffer if you decide to get behind the wheel after a couple of brewskis. 

(Spoiler alert: Luke stayed at his friend’s house, as any responsible Bud drinker would do, and comes back to give Cooper a fuss in the morning. PHEW) 

The ad, which dropped on Friday in honor of Global Be(er) Responsible Day, currently has more than 6 million views on YouTube and must have generated at least enough tears to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. 

A success all-round for beer drinkers, dog lovers, and drink drive campaigners everywhere.