Digital (retail) Therapy

Posted on Wednesday 2nd April, 2014

Author: Nic Jones

For some time now, showrooming has threatened to destroy the age-old ritual of window-shopping, and event the concept of a high street altogether. 

Savvy retailers are now looking to deliver a refreshed and more engaging experience for shoppers; high end designers such as Burberry which have integrated products that trigger video screens and audio visual experiences such as digital mirrors, and McQ by Alexander McQueen where frames and objects can be placed on touch-screen tables to activate content, are leading the pack with expensive in-store experiences to challenge shopper’s senses. However, more affordable retailers such as Sunglasses Hut and Specsavers have implemented social sharing into the act of searching for a pair of specs or summer holiday sunnies, or in the case of TK MAXX, expressing individual style.

Whatever the future of the High Street, we are certain that Digital is here to stay when it comes to the future of retail.