Making Your Twitter Competition Work Harder For Your Brand

Posted on Saturday 30th August, 2014

Author: Alice Roughton

Making Your Twitter Competition Work Harder For Your Brand

Competitions are a great way of increasing buzz around your business or brand.

But with hundreds of competitions taking place across the Twitterverse, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

Here are our top tips for creating an engaging strategy around your next Twitter competition.

Teaser Tweets

Take advantage of the days before the competition launches to build hype. Tell followers that you’ll be announcing something big over the next few days to help pique their interest.

Reveal Your Competition

Launch your competition with plenty of fanfare. You should let people know what it is, what they can win and clearly define how they can enter.

RT (and follow competitions are always popular. Not only are they incredibly simple to enter, but peer-to-peer recommendations will increase your audience reach, and your following, as well as ensuring your messages reach a large audience. 

Reward Winners

Don’t forget to make a big deal of announcing your winner. Publicly congratulating them on Twitter with their handle gives credibility to any future competitions and encourages the winner to reply and promote your account. You can even ask your winner to take a picture of themselves enjoying their prize.


Sending out the same tiresome tweet over and over again will encourage people to turn off and tune.

Mix it up and play around with different ways of communicating your message to your followers. Track your performance to see which tweets work and which don’t to get the most out of the platform.

Timing Is Key

According to the best time to run a competition on Social Media is from April – June, and October – December. They also recommend giving people between about 25 to 60 days to take part in your contest.

Make sure you promote the competition throughout the duration of the campaign to remind your followers that their last chance to enter is fast approaching.