Personalised TV Ads with The Perfume Shop

Posted on Tuesday 22nd December, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham

We’re thrilled to see the launch of another digital project for The Perfume Shop, following on from a successful photo contest we set up as part of their #wherewillittakeyou campaign. This time round we’re bringing an app to The Perfume Shop’s Facebook page, allowing followers to create their own perfume memory video to share on their social accounts. Pulling in user’s imagery from their Facebook page, the app then allows for text and a favourite perfume to be added, before a personalized video is created in the style of the Christmas ads we recently launched.

As well as creating the app, we’ve once again produced the social content, encouraging users to share their personalized memory videos with their friends… Or just hint at a last minute Christmas present! We’re looking forward to seeing plenty of personalized ads from The Perfume Shop in our timelines.

Try out making your own personalised TV ad with The Perfume Shop here