Posted on Tuesday 20th December, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

It’s finally time for us to reveal our latest appointment and we couldn’t be more excited! Following a competitive pitch at the North Pole, we’re pleased to reveal that we’ve been commissioned to work with Santa on his election campaign.

After a disappointing and confusing year for voters, we’ll be helping Santa to bring Ho Ho Hope for 2017 with his new manifestHo. With Santa keen to drive a ‘toblerone sized referendum’, North Pole’s press officer Mary Kristmus revealed that Mr Claus felt 2016 had left the people of the world with little to vote for that they truly believed in.

We’ll be working on all campaign messages in the run up to Christmas Day, when North Poling stations open. The ‘Ho Ho Hope for 2017’ campaign includes our management of all Santa’s social media channels (due to his hectic schedule over the coming weeks) and creation of the website. Online users are able to vote as many times as they like, legal under North Pole electoral laws.

In his first public address on the December campaign trail Santa said the campaign was all about “Simply, having, a wonderful Christmas time,”. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to bring with Santa taking the reins!

Click here to vote Ho Ho Hope for 2017 –