Weekly Round Up 01.07.16

Posted on Friday 1st July, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

Twitter Stickers

This week Twitter announced the arrival of stickers for photos, which initially sounded like more of a novelty… That was until we heard that these stickers would be searchable, meaning users can browse through images that have used the emoji like overlays. The stickers can be rotated, resized and placed anywhere on photos posted in tweets, showing similarities with Snapchat’s offering. Twitter really thrived off the back of its initially unique hashtags, with this update taking the platform back to its innovative roots. It’ll be good to see how brands work with this. 

The App Boom Is Over

Recent figures have shown that the app boom has hit its ceiling, and while people are still downloading plenty, the days of extreme growth are gone. In the US, the top 15 app publishers saw downloads drop an average of 20 percent YoY. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Snapchat and Über are the only exceptions, showing great results in downloads. With a growth rate above 100% for Über and 13 million downloads for Snapchat, they’re significantly overshadowing competitors.

Read more on the latest figures here


Today our morning commutes involved moving scenes, as the soldiers that fell at the Battle of the Somme were remembered at train stations across the county. People dressed as WW1 soldiers were in Sheffield to hand out cards with the names of those who didn’t come home 100 years ago. The hashtag to go alongside the tribute has been trending on Twitter throughout the day, as users share their images from various stations in the UK. What a way to remember!