WEEKLY ROUND UP 05.02.2016

Posted on Friday 5th February, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

Snapchat App Install Ads

The start of February has seen Snapchat run its first app install ad, releasing a short clip promoting SNG’s mobile game Cookie Jam. With technology mirroring what we’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter, the app can be installed directly on Snapchat. This introduction is the latest for a whole range of potential advertising opportunities, as Snapchat quickly becomes a big game player in the social media stakes. We’re looking forward to seeing how advertising on the platform is going to be rolled out further.

Find out more about the ad updates over on Adweek

Figures Released on Web Sales from Apps

New figures have shown that almost half of retailers say 21-50% of web sales come from apps, according to a report by Urban Airship. The report also showed that 80% of these retailers would be allocating at least 21% of their digital budget to mobile over the next 12 months. For 2016, mobile-first strategies are a big priority.

Read more about the figures here

Park Hill Throwbacks

We’re always really proud that our Sheffield office is such a cool place, even more so after discovering this Spatial Resonances film. Featuring some clips from the days when Park Hill was a new residential area, the film shows just what a transformation the building has gone under to be returned to its former glory, becoming an exciting workplace for businesses in Sheffield. After all these years and so many changes in the city, Park Hill remains!