Weekly Round Up 06.05.16

Posted on Friday 6th May, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Leaked’ Memo

This week an apparent slip up from Krispy Kreme got everyone talking, after sending out an email addressed to ‘store managers’ to all of its UK email database. Quickly recalled, the email spoke of highly confidential information surrounding a new Nutella-filled doughnut, due to launch on May 27. Recipients were soon sharing the email, with ‘Krispy Kreme’ trending on Twitter throughout Thursday afternoon. While some did see it as an honest mix up, others were quick to speculate about this being a savvy marketing move. The timing and copy does suggest the latter – the arrival of these doughnuts is said to cause ‘fainting, dribbling and over-excitement’ amongst fans.

Read the full email here.

Instagram Business Profiles

It’s looking like Instagram business profiles are on their way, with this blog post showing how they’re already in testing. Essentially, they look very similar to regular profiles, with just a few additions for a more corporate feel. There’s a new ‘Contact’ button alongside the ‘Follow’ button, which when tapped will allow users to get directions or email the account holder. Company descriptions are said to be another new addition, showing the business type in a similar way to Facebook pages. For both smaller and larger businesses this could be a really useful update. 

VR Bedtime Stories

According to Samsung, the days of bedtime stories are gone, with parents too busy to read to their children in an evening. To combat this, Samsung has created a prototype virtual reality app to bring parents and children together through a futuristic storytelling experience. Fun stuff. Using a combination of VR and Voice Over Internet Protocol, the Gear VR app will allow parents and children to interact with each other. Samsung claims it will provide an immersive, shared experience, allowing users to take a journey through the Arctic with Jen the Penguin, or travel to space with Jo the robot. As millennials grew up with the Internet, the next generation looks set to grow up with VR!

Find more about Samsung's VR bedtime stories over on The Drum.