Weekly Round Up 10.06.16

Posted on Friday 10th June, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

Snapchat's Redesign

Snapchat has launched a big redesign this week, as it becomes a more attractive prospect for publishers. Live Stories, which feature content from around the world, will now exist alongside the less popular Discover page. Publishers are also able to add an image icon and headline to promote their daily updates, as well as ‘subscribe’ to Snapchat media partners. The newly introduced features all come as the platform looks to drive more users to its editorial channels, giving its advertising appeal a real boost. For publishers, it’s a great opportunity for experimenting with content, as well as better planning of Snapchat strategies. 

Read more on the update here.

Google Higher Lower

If you’re a sucker for procrastinating, then stay well away from The Higher Lower game. Powered by Google, the game asks users to decide which term has been searched for the most, with the aim being to get the most right in a row. From football teams to more general searches like ‘Home Insurance’, we’ve been having a go and discovering it’s trickier than you’d think! It’s definitely one to test out on the SEO experts. 

Updates for Park Hill

It’s amazing what a difference a bit of sunshine can make! Our Sheffield office is finally enjoying the last stage of Park Hill’s Phase 1 transformation, with an updated backyard just in time for summer. We’ve spent the last few weeks watching a meadow form, with Pictorial Meadows adding a floral landscape to our urban surroundings. It’s great to see Park Hill getting some TLC, with some more exciting updates to come.