Weekly Round Up 11.09.2015

Posted on Friday 11th September, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham

This week saw the highly anticipated #AppleEvent take place, once again a big topic of discussion online. From that supersized iPad Pro, to Apple TV updates, the tech giant has really worked on pitching itself as an operating system for all digital activities.

While mostly upgrades for existing products, the event has still left marketers with plenty to think about. For iPhone, the functionality of 3D touch will be a feature to consider when constructing mobile campaigns, while more apps and the ability to shop using Apple TV will be something for brands to keep an eye on.

Read more on the latest from Apple here.

Cat’s Eye View
With shrines devoted to them, cat cafés and an entire island reserved for feline friends, cats are certainly a big hit in Japan. From that, Cat’s Street View is born – the latest campaign from tourism board Hiroshima Prefecture. Following your paw shaped cursor along the streets, this cat’s eye view is accompanied by the sound of street noises and the occasional meow. The map also points out interesting attractions, providing a novel perspective for a tour of the area.

Take a look at Cat’s Street View here.

Sneaky Film Posters
Finally, this week’s source of online amusement comes thanks to a bit of shifty movie marketing. What do you do when your latest big budget film receives a two star review from The Guardian? Apparently, just turn a negative into positive through a crafty bit of design. That’s just what the marketing team behind this poster for Krays’ biopic ‘Legend’ did. You’ve got to hand it to them for the effort. Even Guardian critic Benjamin Lee noted that it was ‘maddeningly brilliant’ and although it technically isn’t dishonest, it is perhaps a little deceptive.

For more on the Legend review, have a read through critic Lee’s follow up story.