Weekly Round Up 13.11.2015

Posted on Friday 13th November, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham


Taco Bell is the latest big name to come up with a social campaign focusing on emoji characters. After the recent introduction of the taco emoji, it’s definitely of relevance. Taco Bell’s take is actually pretty original when compared with other emoji campaigns we’ve seen, with the creation of a Twitter ‘taco emoji engine’. By tweeting the brand’s account with the taco emoji and any other emoji, Taco Bell will send the user a GIF or photo with a mash up of the two images. With so many emojis to make the most of, there’s a whole range of weird and wacky outcomes. In terms of getting involved with the emoji obsession, this is a really fun take.

Find out more about the campaign here

Pantone Smoothies

You know when your smoothie comes out kind of slushy, losing that whole ‘I’m bright green and I’m healthy’ feel? It’s a problem that can now be solved, with Pantone Smoothies. Described as a ‘delicious colour experiment’, the site aims to answer if it’s possible to create Pantone coloured smoothies that still taste good. With 11 shades to choose from, the breakfast smoothie has had an artsy update.

Check out Pantone Smoothies here

Instagram Named Most Influential

Impressive news for Instagram this week as a recent study shows it’s outpacing the likes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as the most influential social platform. In a list of the top 15 biggest influences on consumer behaviour, Instagram was ranked at number 6, closely following the likes of television and customer reviews. If Instagram continues to build its user base at the rate we’ve recently seen, it may soon become a much bigger consideration for brands putting together social strategies.

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