Weekly Round Up 14.08.2015

Posted on Friday 14th August, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham

So long ‘LOL’

Arguably, there once was a time when ‘lol’ was the ultimate acronym. Mostly covering times when you weren’t actually laughing out loud, it was a regular feature in online conversation. These days, it appears to have fallen out of fashion with Facebook releasing data showing its decline in use. The social network’s research showed that it had been almost replaced by alternatives, with ‘haha’ now being used in 52% of cases. Is it finally time to say farewell to ‘lol’?!


McDonald's Emoji Ad

If you like McDonald's and you’re an avid emoji user then their latest ad should go down a treat. Featuring various emoji characters heading into McDonald's, some have seen it as teetering on creepy. Whatever the verdict, McDonald's have definitely leapt on that emoji popularity bandwagon!

Check out the McDonald's ad here.

Periscope Hits 10 Million Users

Just four months since its launch, the newest platform to send the social media savvy into a meltdown has hit over 10million users. Impressive stuff. With Twitter as its parent company, the speed at which it’s become the leading live streaming app isn’t all that surprising. According to recent data, Periscope now sees users watch over 40 hours worth of live content daily. For now, Periscope looks like it’ll be the go-to for brands wanting to live stream.


Office Birthday Celebrations

It was birthday central in the office this week with celebrations for one of our favourite furry friends Parker and Head of Digital Nic! Cake all round the office and doggy treats for office pups Parker and Evie. We hope you had a good one guys!