Weekly Round Up 18.09.2015

Posted on Friday 18th September, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham

Facebook Dislike Button Debate
After plenty of pressure, this week Mark Zuckerberg finally announced that the dislike button would be coming to Facebook. In a fashion. Zuckerberg actually claimed that there would be an option to show feelings other than ‘liking’, with users looking for a way to show empathy. There are plenty of issues for brands concerning how a dislike button would work – would advertisers end up paying for negative exposure or would a down vote system lead to posts being shunned from news feeds? Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how this is rolled out, surely pushing brands to think more about the quality of content they produce.

Read more on being able to 'dislike' things on Facebook here.

Twitter Rolls Out ‘Buy’ Button to All Users
Twitter has taken a big step into marketing itself as an online marketplace with the expansion of its ‘buy’ button, allowing anyone with an account to sell items via tweets.
Twitter’s partnership with payments startup company Stripe has made this possible, following the launch of their tool Relay, which increases the ease at which users can sell items on third party apps. Purchases can now be made without even having to leave Twitter. For the social media influenced, prepare to make more purchases than ever!

Find out more about the buy button here

The Rugby World Cup kicks off today, after an influx of promotion in the lead up to the home-hosted event. Supersize has been a big theme, with the O2 #WearTheRose campaign pushing team support to ‘make them giants’ and a huge rugby ball crashing into Cardiff Castle to celebrate the start of a month of rugby. Naturally, there’s also an associated emoji when the official hashtag #RWC2015 is used. We’ll be showing our support this evening for the first match.. Good luck England!