WEEKLY ROUND UP 19.02.2016

Posted on Friday 19th February, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

Talking digital with Sheffield University

Our Head of Digital Nic had a trip to Sheffield University Management School this week, to talk with students as part of the Careers Discovery Series. Bringing together employers, professional bodies, alumni and students, the Careers Discover Series is a chance to give students a taste of different careers in various industries. Nic was there to present some snippets as to what we get up to at Über, as well as talking about how he got into working in digital. We always appreciate being able to get involved with universities and hear from students interested in getting into the industry!

A new member of the team

This week we welcomed the latest member of Team Uber, our new Head of Design Paul. We’re really excited to have him on board and get cracking on some new projects… Welcome to Über Paul!

Twitter GIFS

We’re finishing up on this week’s biggie from Twitter. GIF lovers got giddy, as rumors were confirmed that a dedicated GIF icon would be coming to the platform. Twitter shared the news (in GIF format, naturally), stating that the new feature would soon be available both in tweets and direct messages. With a dedicated GIF library searchable by keyword, a whole Pandora’s Box of GIF expression has just been opened. Could it see the over saturation of GIF usage though? That’s one question we’re considering, as it looks likely that we’ll be seeing even more looping clips on the platform. For brands, it could mean further consideration is required when it comes to using them effectively, with more work required for creating unique content.