Weekly Round Up 20.05.16

Posted on Friday 20th May, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

Facebook Live Map

Following the success of Facebook Live, the platform has just introduced an interactive world map, visualising the location of live videos across the globe. The update allows users access to a wide range of live streams, from sources other than just the accounts they follow. Whether it’s Buzzfeed’s live transmission from the surgery theatre, or catching up on the latest world news, having access to a broader range of content is sure to be a winner for users.

Read more about the roll out of Facebook's new live map over on The Drum.

Brutalist Websites

With an office that’s a bit of a Brutalist landmark, we had to include Brutalist Websites after stumbling across it this week. The collection of sites shuns the user friendly interfaces we’re now used to, with those featured created in hand-coded HTML, taking inspiration from 90s graphics. Some are old and some are new, making a really interesting bunch to have a browse through. 

Good Results for Social Media Influencers

Results released by Affilinet this week showed that social media personalities are continuing to increase their influence and importance to marketing campaigns. Figures revealed that two-thirds of retailers were keen to work with bloggers and vloggers, with Zoella taking top spot as most in demand. Only 24% said they had experience working with an influencer, but these latest results suggest it’s a number that will keep on rising. 

Find out more about the results here