Weekly Round Up 20.11.2015

Posted on Friday 20th November, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham

Don’t like and drive

Ford is the latest to create a campaign warning people about mobile phone use whilst driving, with a series of thought provoking shots on their global Instagram account. The images come from the driver’s point of view, with the familiar Instagram heart partially covering any potential hazards. After Instagram was recently named the most influential social network, it seems fitting to use this platform as the focus. 

Read more about the campaign over on Adweek.

Twins or not

After the hugely successful/occasionally offensive ‘How old do I look?’ site, Microsoft has released their latest facial analysis tool. The site, ‘Twins or Not’ allows users to see if they’ve got a celeb doppelganger, by uploading their chosen images to be judged on their percentage ‘twin score’. It hasn’t yet seen the same success of its predecessor, but expect it to crop up in your social timelines soon.

Love it or hate it

This week Marmite got lucky on Twitter, with three of the UK’s biggest singers all discussing the ‘love it or hate it’ condiment. The conversation saw Sam Smith and Example sharing the love, while Professor Green became a good spokesperson for Team Hate. Marmite’s social team was quick to pick this up, jumping in on really getting the discussion going. It’s always good to see brands actually being social on their social accounts. Great content is important, but building conversation remains a big deal. 

Read the full conversation here