Weekly Round Up 23.10.2015

Posted on Friday 23rd October, 2015

Author: Lydia Abraham

Back To The Future Day

This week we all went #BackToTheFuture, only the future was actually in the past. As October 21st 2015 marks the date Marty travels to in Back to the Future II, brands were quick to jump on the trending topic. USA Today ran their own BTTF front cover like that in the film, while the DeLorean was a popular reference for car manufacturers. Even Nike decided to bring us self-lacing trainers, although they aren’t quite as fancy as the version we saw in the film. Reactivity is as big as ever when it comes to this social stuff.

Google Frightgeist

Turning up to the Halloween party in what you thought was a seriously original costume, only to find that everyone else had the same idea. Yep, it’s a bit of a flop. This year, Google is on hand to help with choosing the ultimate Halloween costume. Tapping into Google Trends data, Google Frightgeist shows you the popularity of different outfits depending on the location, based on the top 500 costume searches. It only covers data from the US, but it’s still interesting to see what folk will be dressing up as this year. Expect plenty of Harley Quinns.

Head over to Google Frightgeist for the costumes of choice this Halloween. 

Gaming Via Twitter

Welcome to another level of procrastination on Twitter. We came across this one this week, an adventure game you can play entirely through tweets. Created by pixel artist Leon (@Leyawn on Twitter), the game requires you to guide a bird character through challenges, all represented in GIF format. Starting on an intro Twitter account, you’re given a situation with choices leading you to further accounts. It’s worth having a flick through the different options and seeing what you end up with!

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