Weekly Round Up 24.06.16

Posted on Friday 24th June, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

On Location

It’s been a hectic week both in and out the office, with some of the team off for shoot week with tombola, Britain’s biggest bingo site. Following the success of previous ads, we’ve been working on a new set promoting their unique online games. With a Bake Off, a glamping trip and bowling all involving tombola chat moderators and players, it’s been an extra fun week… We can’t wait to see the final ads on screens!

The Brutalist Playground

This week at Park Hill we’ve been pleased to see the installation of The Brutalist Playground, the latest exhibition from S1 Artspace and artist Simon Terrill. Described as ‘part sculpture, part installation, all play’ the new feature explores post-war design for play, sitting well with our surroundings at Park Hill. We’ve already been up to take a look, sharing a few snaps on our Instagram. The installation is on until September, so it’s one to add to summer to-do lists. 

Longer Videos for Social Media Platforms

Over the last few months we’ve seen social media platforms update their video based offerings, with Twitter the latest to follow suit by introducing longer videos. The platform will now allow videos up to 140 seconds long, with users previously only able to share up to 30 seconds of video. Not only that, but Twitter will be extending the length of videos on Vine too. It’s an expected update with video now an integral feature on social media platforms. However, is it now worth creating longer videos just because the option is there, if users lose interest within the first few seconds anyway? While having fewer restrictions is an appealing concept, branded videos still need to take into account whether or not this additional length is a worthy investment. 

Read more about Twitter's new update here.