Weekly Round Up 29.01.2016

Posted on Friday 29th January, 2016

Author: Lydia Abraham

TV Style Ad Holds Viewers Longer

Google and L’Oreal Paris released interesting figures this week, with results showing that a 30-second, high production TV-style ad received the best audience retention rates when compared with a low production ad, featuring a beauty blogger. Both ads share the same content, presented differently by different people. For many, these results come as a surprise after a big focus on relatable content in recent years, with influencer collaborations especially popular. The results did show that 18-24 year olds were found to be twice as likely to recall the low budget L’Oreal tutorial, with 35-45 year olds more likely to recall the high production ad. This all raises questions when analyzing consumer’s viewing habits, suggesting that the length of time spent watching an ad doesn’t necessarily mean it resonates.

Read more on the stats here.

GIF Usage

With the GIF, comes great responsibility. Is it relevant? Would it be worthy of a retweet? Can users find value from it? These are all questions asked in a recent Medium article, discussing why GIFs are a moving target for marketers. As good an opportunity as they are, using a GIF requires cultural knowledge, before you can attempt communicating this culture appropriately. We love a good GIF here at Über, and while these looping clips are a great medium to take advantage of, they’re also worth some consideration.

Super Bowl Eye Vision 360

It was last year’s most watched program in US history, so it’s not surprising that there’s a lot invested into getting the best shots for the viewing public. As well as upping the number of cameras from 40 to 70, CBS Sports will also be utilizing Eye Vision 360, a replay camera that can pause at any moment, before revolving around a point to show the first person point of view… Or quarterback perspective, in this case. It’s not available for live broadcast, but it will definitely be worth having a catch up on the replay. 

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