Weekly Social – 14.08.17

Posted on Friday 18th August, 2017

Author: Lydia Abraham

Conversation Threads for Instagram

Time to have a flick through your Instagram account to spot the latest update, albeit a small one. Upgrading its usability, users are now able to thread different conversations under a single post. No, it’s not ground-breaking, but it makes a more efficient comment system.

It’s a feature that’s just rolled out on Android and iOS, making it easier for people to keep track of different conversations on the same image. While it may seem mostly insignificant, for brands replying to questions and comments, it’s a welcomed change. It also sees itself aligned with the successful process used by its big sister - Facebook.

The Most Liked Tweet Ever

With a quote from Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama’s anti-racism post after the Charlottesville far-right rally has become the most liked tweet ever, with over 3 million likes from users on the platform. The tweet also has over 1 million retweets, with it still being shared throughout the Twitter-sphere. Obama has become prolific when it comes to 140 character updates, taking claim to 6 of the 10 most liked tweets of all time.  


Easy Being A (Fake) Influencer?

Fancy living the life of an Instagram influencer? Apparently, it’s not that difficult to master! A recent research project from MediaKix has revealed more on the world of online influencers, and how brands can be fooled into parting with their digital marketing budget. MediaKix created two fictitious Instagram influencer accounts, buying followers and engagement, before applying to participate in campaigns on popular influencer marketing platforms. Within a few days, the team had secured four paid brand deals across the accounts.

It’s a reminder that research is a biggie when it comes to devising influencer campaigns. With both accounts looking legitimate, it’s easy to see how many can fall into the trap!