Weekly Social - 13.10.17

Posted on Friday 13th October, 2017

Author: Lydia Abraham

Innovation with Instagram Ads

We thought this innovative Instagram ad was worth a share this week after spotting it in a post on Twitter. Mocked up to look like two separate ads, what’s actually running is one video ad from Über Eats, designed to appear as if one ad is interacting with the other.

In this case, it’s with one of their suppliers – McDonald’s. We’ve seen brands imitate social media platforms before in campaigns, but this partnership really makes sense when using this format.

Twitter adds ‘Happening Now’

Twitter has just introduced a new feature for news – ‘Happening Now’. The new update will help keep you up to date with ongoing events, with a Happening Now label at the top of your timeline including current topics Twitter thinks you may be interested in. When clicked on, you’ll be taken to all the tweets people have posted about the event.

For now, it’s limited to sports events, but this will surely expand in coming months. Maybe we’ll soon see sponsored events featuring too…

Troll Tax

Facebook and Twitter are amongst the social media platforms which could be called upon to pay a new ‘online abuse levy’, after government ministers look to crack down on cyber bullying, trolling and other forms of digital abuse.

Ministers want the money raised to be used to pay for schemes to help raise people’s awareness of the dangers of the internet and to tackle their worst effects. It’s all part of a drive to make the UK the ‘safest place in the world’ to be online. It’s a proposal that comes amongst other options, and for now there’s no word on how any new tax would work, or how much it would raise.