Weekly Social - 20.10.17

Posted on Friday 20th October, 2017

Author: Lydia Abraham

Two Person Live Video

Instagram just updated its live stream offering with the introduction two-person live video. It becomes one of the very few platforms to have added the feature, but it’s likely others will follow suit if Instagram sees success.

When it comes to influencer and brand partnerships this feature can really be used to its full potential - the interview possibilities are endless, allowing for brands to have a more direct interaction with influencers, while driving shared reach.

It’s only available for iOS 11 users at the minute, but will be coming to earlier versions and Android users soon.

 Interactive 3D Posts

We’ve been looking into a number of 360-videos for clients recently, but another level of interactivity has just been revealed with Facebook working on bringing 3D posts to their feed. The feature was announced by Oculus at its developer conference in San Diego last week, with the style of post something that can be viewed and interacted with in the news feed, without VR involved.

Yep, 3D posts can sound like a lot of work, but they do open up a whole new world of engagement. A 3D car ad for example – the new feature means you could soon be able to open doors, view the interior and check the size of the boot, all in one Facebook post.

Twitter Immersive Ads

And finally, Twitter is upping its game on the ad front! It’s struggled to compete with the likes of Facebook and Instagram recently, but despite its lack of growth, Twitter is still keen to push new features.

The most recent is this new video ad type, providing a more immersive brand experience direct from your Twitter feed. The ‘Video Website Cards’ are a new option allowing advertisers to connect video ads to websites, where the ad will continue to play as the website loads. On mobile, the video moves to the top of the screen, with the website visible below. Twitter says the introduction comes as users expect ‘more personalised interactions with brands’.