Building on the successes as the UK’s No1 bingo site with further growth across a number of European territories, tombola required our support to launch the brand into the Netherlands. The launch campaign needed to fit into the brand ecosystem whilst being relevant and culturally on-point for a Dutch Bingo audience to build brand awareness from the ground up and generate registrations - positioning tombola as the No.1 choice in the Netherlands.


We wanted to create a TV campaign that would connect to our long-standing strategy of showcasing tombola’s community and togetherness by including real players, their interaction with each other and the games and the fun they have. However, as tombola was new and unknown to the Netherlands, the challenge was in conveying this without an existing player community.


Instead, to introduce tombola and create hype, we simply asked the Dutch general public (and potential new players) one simple question ‘Do you know what tombola is?’. This allowed us to follow up with a simple explanation of who tombola are and why they're great. Throughout the commercial we showcased and integrated 3D interpretations of tombola’s games within key Dutch landmarks from Dam Square, the iconic canal district, to the vibrant Markthal in Rotterdam. 

To support the TV commercial we also created a vast targeted national DOOH campaign which featured geographically correct locations with integrated 3D animations of the games and bold messaging. Over 400 different animated and still versions were transcreated, produced and displayed across over 20 regions.


The result saw a huge uplift in registrations and sales on launch.
Over 8 million contacts despite covid measures being in place across the Netherlands at the time of launch.