Wavin is a global manufacturer of plastic plumbing and drainage products, employing over 5,000 people in 25 countries. The UK has a number of market-leading brands including: Hepworth Clay, Hep2O Push-fit plumbing and Osma above/below ground drainage products.


Due to GDPR constraints, Wavin had a continual battle with building a sustainable and quality list of customer contacts. This made growing a meaningful and rewarding relationship with the trade extremely difficult. Our challenge was to help Wavin reconnect with existing customers and attract new customers to use their products, whilst creating and maintaining loyalty.


Our solution was to create a bespoke, digital first loyalty program and app, built purely around what the trade wanted. In the first instance, rewarding customers by generating points for every single purchase. This was made possible by building an integrated AI, which upon scanning a receipt or invoice, is programmed to read and isolate specific Wavin products, their amount and value - transforming them into redeemable points which can then be exchanged for cash, gift cards and experiences. 

Beyond the primary function, the app allowed users to find their nearest stockists based on geofencing, view ‘how to’ videos, see price lists and connect to community forums.


As well as building a huge database of customer contacts, the app provided real-time, live data, allowing them to generate regular reports to provide a clear picture of their customers - from company size, gender, birthdays, all the way through to average spend, frequency, product use, merchant choice and even which competitor products they buy. This allows them to continually respond and personalise behaviours for each customer e.g. reward larger spenders, reward frequency, feature promotions, push notify on offers based on location and promote similar products if their customer uses a competitor product. 

The outcome has been an extremely powerful platform for Wavin, allowing them to now build a strong, rewarding and personalised relationship with its customers. The app is also a digital springboard that they can use to create an accurate picture of their audience, allowing Wavin to market products and promotions that are truly relevant to each individual customer.


Over 20,0000 new sign ups in the first month.
Over 800,000 redeemable points generated to date. 
Over 45,000 transactions tracked.