Webro have always been known as 'the cable people'. Their longstanding reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional service has been built on being the UK's best-known brand for TV & satellite cable. They offer an extensive choice of copper & fibre cable and connectivity solutions that are used in a wide range of applications from fibre & telecoms to TV & Satellite and everything in-between.


Webro approached us to create a new visual brand identity that would inject a modern and vibrant look to their branding. It was felt that their original branding looked dated and out of touch with the fast moving digital and technological sectors that they work in. The brief was simple, create a visual identity that matches their status as a company at the forefront of their industry. Modern, vibrant, contemporary, professional and something completely different from any of its competitors. A brand that blew the competition out of the water.


First and foremost our solution was to create an identity that clearly communicated what they do, not only through their brand language but through the logo itself. The logotype is adapted from a modern, rounded, sans serif typeface and has been crafted to look like cable without looking cliched or gimmicky. The 'w' has a 3D graphical treatment applied to it, to enhance the cable effect when used as a stand alone graphic or symbol, supporting the brand language and other 3D graphical elements. The brand language is an extension of the visual identity with a vibrant colour palette, modern typography and a contemporary image treatment to visually and aesthetically lift the brand.