Achieve Clothing

Achieve is a new online clothing brand aimed at the male youth (18-30) fashion market, built on an ethos of motivation and encouraging self-belief.

The Challenge

To create a bold and contemporary brand that transcends clothing and inspires people to have a positive outlook and realise their own personal ambitions, however large or small. In short, one that truly lives up to its name and embodies everything young, stylish males aspire to be.

The Solution

We created a simple yet striking logo based on the sharply defined lines of the letters ‘A’ and ‘V’ from the brand name. These shapes also served to suggest the freedom of direction that young people can take in their life choices. As a fledgling brand in a hugely competitive market, it was also important to create some extra cut-through. This came in the form of enrolling two well-known brand advocates, Scott and Aaron from Geordie Shore. They modelled the clothing in a series of striking black and white promo shots art directed by Über. A similarly stark and stylish website design brought the whole project together.