AvantiGas are one of the UK’s leading LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) energy suppliers,
serving business and residential customers both on and off-grid.

The Challenge

The energy brand wanted a fresh approach to marketing services within their sector with the aim of increasing brand awareness,
and more importantly, convincing people to either switch or convert to AvantiGas LPG. This meant (in many cases) introducing home and
business owners to AvantiGas and explaining what they have to offer, as well as providing compelling reasons for them to switch from
their existing energy suppliers. All this had to be achieved within a highly competitive energy market. 

The Solution

AvantiGas weren’t as well known as Calor and Flogas, not to mention the ‘big six’. So, we could have taken the approach of
slowly building brand awareness. Instead, we decided a more confident and impactful approach would be to re-establish the AvantiGas
as ‘The Big Name in LPG’, to literally put them on the map. This gave the perception of a well-established brand that can be trusted,
one that if customers didn’t know about then they felt that they really should!