Barber DTS provide tattoo supplies and equipment, ranging from tattoo machines to hygiene products. They see themselves as a reliable partner in the world of tattooing. With a vast array of products in stock, they offer the most up-to-date products for the tattoo artist community. To add to this, they have a long standing history in the tattoo industry, backed by experience and passion that makes them the leading supplier of tattoo equipment and supplies in the UK and across Europe.


The tattoo supplies industry as a whole is a little behind general e-commerce industries. So Barber DTS challenged us to create a premium and edgy visual identity that was a development of their existing identity. They wanted a brand evolution to ensure that they're not just ahead of all their competitors but a brand that competes with those leading the e-commerce marketplace.


Their existing visual identity included a skull, roses and the colours red and black. All the clichéd tropes of a company associated with tattooing. However, the challenge was to develop their existing identity, so we decided to rework some of these visual cues in a contemporary, visual context. To give the identity a more edgier feel we dropped the roses and introduced snakes. Further more, to add depth to the brand we illustrated the snakes in a tattoo style to use as graphical assets as part of the brand language on packaging and various other communication materials.

To compliment the graphics we kept the restricted colour palette of red and black, but injected the red with more vibrancy, to give the brand a bold and striking presence. This is supported with a modern sans-serif typeface, which helps to contribute to the brand looking forward and aspiring to be future proof. All in all, we wanted to push the boundaries in terms of making the brand language lean more towards the visual aesthetic of a fashion brand and feel more premium in terms of reach and appeal to potential new customers and existing customers alike.