Care Fertility is a world leading IVF group who have been leading the field for over 25 years with their pioneering developments, strong success rates and their patient-centric approach. Care have over 20 full service and satellite clinics across the UK and have recently expanded internationally into Spain and the USA. They have experienced impressive expansion in recent years and have significant growth objectives for the future. They’re passionate about changing lives and creating futures, whilst their pioneering research and world-renowned fertility treatments have delivered more babies than any other UK fertility group.


Care Fertility approached us to refresh their brand visual identity to support their vision of becoming a world leading patient-centric fertility partner. They wanted to highlight their position in the market, reinforce their value, and implement a new perspective for future growth while reflecting the brand’s uniqueness. They needed a compelling and inspiring brand identity to create an emotional connection and engagement with all of their patient groups across all channels and platforms - aligning both digital and print design strategies, as well as all the different elements of the Care eco-system. 


An evolution of their original identity, interpreting the light reaction when a sperm fertilises the egg. The mark symbolises both Care’s scientific approach combined with that special moment of when life begins. A white graduation from the egg cell within the brand mark represents a burst of light at the moment of fertilisation and elevates the identity onto another level in terms of visual impact. 

A bright, warm and colourful graduation is used within the mark and across brand assets including photography and imagery to further enhance the idea of light resonating from the egg. The contemporary colour palette helps to evoke a sense of modernity as well as reiterating the idea of internal fireworks portraying the beginning of life. An uncomplicated, rounded, geometric sans serif typeface was selected to offer balance to all communications. With its natural curves and quirky nuances, the typeface complements and supports the elements of the mark and all facets of the visual brand language.