LIT is a brand new US Entertainment News channel that has successfully launched on OTT platforms at the start of 2021. LIT brings ALL the snoops, scoops, juicy gossip and the biggest breaking news stories on the world’s biggest stars. Delivering it all with political style analysis and serving social trivia with gravitas. All the tea, all the time - This is LIT!


LIT is disrupting and reinventing entertainment news and our challenge was to produce a kit of parts that supports this mantra and tighten up their brand guidelines to incorporate a wider range of assets. With the hero brand set in stone we were asked to extend the brand language to incorporate an extensive list of assets which included logo usage, colours, typography, screen graphics, motion graphics and social assets. The challenge was to enrich and elevate the look and feel of the brand from a top-tier online show - to a fresh and vibrant competitor on US television.


To match LIT’s OTT platform presence we created an OTT kit of parts and brand language that presents LIT with a very colourful personality and bucket loads of character. The entertainment news comes thick and fast and the creative had to match this in playful motion as well as static graphics. The design is fun, fast, energetic and in your face with bold, bright colours and typography that oozes flare and attitude.

To add an extra level of playfulness and fun, we created a set of LIT emojis. These playful, graphical emojis are designed to interact with the hosts and make a connection with the viewer. They’re a way of reaching out and amplifying what the viewer and hosts are thinking, while creating a special relationship with the LIT brand at the same time. The emojis have a cute, shiny chubbiness that make them pop and stand out on screen. They create an interactive world, live in front of your eyes as you watch events in the celebrity world unfold.

To bring all the assets in the kit of parts to life, they had to work as motion graphics, interacting with the live action on screen and entertaining the viewer. Playful animation of emojis, screen wipes, name straps, bugs, flashes, stings, loops, along with bouncy headlines and typography, all culminate into making LIT a real feast for the eyes while you get your celebrity and entertainment news fix.