Notice Talent

Notice Talent is a one-stop-shop for urban talent hire, providing brands with some of the biggest UK’s underground artists and talent from skateboarders, BMXers, free-runners, graffiti artists, to extreme sports photographers and filmmakers.


To get the Notice brand, noticed, representing the creativity, uniqueness and individuality of an untapped pool of extremely talented underground urban artists.


Approaching the new brand from scratch, we developed a simple and iconic brand and identity that lives up to its name. One that the artists represented would be proud to be part of and could easily live as a piece of street art in its own right. Using Notice Talent as our proposition, we wanted people to be rewarded when they ‘notice’ its hidden depths. Using negative space we subtly weave the two letters together to create the bold logo mark, re-enforcing the message and drawing attention.
It was crucial to capture a genuine youth culture vibe without trying too hard to be ‘cool’ or clichéd. Simultaneously, the brand needed to communicate on a professional level to creative, film/media and casting agencies wanting to hire urban talent. The outcome is a hugely versatile, youthful, modern and urban brand language which uses the symbol as a holding device for the artists’ dynamic content.