Looking for the perfect gift for the one you love to hate? Well it’s here at f***ing last! The Rude Gift Co. is a new type of gift company for a particular type of customer and the ruder and the more insulting the gift, the better.


It was down to us to interpret this ‘unique’ business idea into an equally fresh brand that would not only look the dog’s doodahs but engage with its audience, get noticed, create some controversy and leave no question as to what the company is all about.


A brand that delivers the company ethos and tone of voice to a T(shirt). Not only did we create a unique take on a logo and brand, but a completely ownable idea that gives the company scope to create endless new t-shirt, mug and gift designs. We then designed and developed a transactional website as a key selling point and various other pieces of collateral to sit under the new brand vision which we think is refreshingly great.