PerfectHome is a household goods rent-to-own retailer offering quality products and choice to customers through weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options. This flexibility enables customers on smaller incomes and with limited credit options, to furnish their home or replace essential appliances using a payment plan they can afford.


A crucial part of PerfectHome’s business plan to drive more sales through digital channels was to make their website 100% transactional for the very first time. Whereas previously customers could fill in an online application up to a point, the complicated nature of providing proof of status and income documents required them to complete the order in person at a PerfectHome store. Über’s challenge was to technically make this process as simple and straightforward as possible (taking into account the customer demographic) whilst also refreshing the website design to reflect the brand’s aspirational values. Another key consideration was that the rent-to-own sector is very heavily regulated, so we had to ensure that messaging stood up to such scrutiny.


We conducted a full UX review taking into account that the majority of PerfectHome customers prefer to make their purchases/applications using mobile devices, therefore our design was fully responsive. We also had to cater for existing high street PerfectHome customers, by providing a streamlined interface that would encourage them to register online and enable them to easily upload personal documents relevant to their application, as well as browse and add products to basket in the more conventional e-commerce manner.

Visually, we revamped the design with a clean and contemporary look, that included a colour scheme in harmony with the existing brand palette, aspirational lifestyle shots and clear icon sets to make navigation easy for even the most non-tech savvy PerfectHome customer. The new web launch was supported by a campaign across instore, DM, email and social media.


150% increase in applications.
67% increase in online applications.
40% increase in sales.
39% increase in email conversions.