tombola is Britain’s biggest bingo site with an average of 42,000 players online each day. They offer a variety of bingo games via their website and app services, and unlike the majority of their competitors who re-skin off-the-shelf platforms, every tombola game is designed exclusively in-house for its players.


As a brand, tombola occupy a unique position in the online gambling sector, in that they consider themselves to primarily be an entertainment provider over a place to win money. As an extension of traditional bingo they see their games as an opportunity to have fun in a social environment, with the actual ‘winning’ always being secondary. Through this ethos, tombola has fostered a large and loyal player base. For a number of years now, Über have been tasked with capturing this spirit of fun and community whilst showcasing and launching the unique offering of games, through a series of TV ad campaigns.


Über came up with the idea that the best way to truly capture tombola’s strong social aspect was by inviting real tombola players to ‘come join the fun’ at group activities held in themed locations. The main focus of the latest ads is on the players enjoying each other’s company as they raced go-karts in a funky warehouse space, took to the water at a picturesque lakeside retreat and competed in their very own version of a ‘Strictly’ ballroom dancing competition. 

In the downtime between these activities, players play tombola on their phones, with tombola game graphics enlarged and projected in 3D as if they are part of the environment, to give a sense of the fun gameplay and quality graphics. This serves to show existing players how special and important they are to the brand, while potential new players can see the fun and social experience on offer.


24% uplift in sales.
13.5m profit year on year.